Ellie Kanner


Director, Producer, Writer, Casting Director

Over the course of a prolific and award-winning career, Ellie Kanner has brought her versatile talents in filmmaking to directing, casting, and producing working in a myriad of genres, spanning from romantic comedies to dramatic action.

Ellie Kanner is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She has a diverse background stemming from working at a talent agency then transitioning  to casting and currently directing, writing and producing. From her pivotal roles in casting iconic shows like “Friends” and “Sex and the City” to her work on indie gems like “Authors Anonymous” and “For the Love of Money”, Ellie’s talent shines through. Her short-form series “Dropping the Soap”, which Ellie directed and executive produced, earned Jane Lynch an Emmy and can be found on Prime Video. Ellie helmed several episodes of television, including “Boston Legal”, then went on to direct, co-write, and co-produce Discovery+’s debut holiday scripted movie, “Candy Coated Christmas”. Her upcoming comedy “Spread,” staring Elizabeth Gillies and Harvey Keitel, premieres on Tubi this summer. Ellie is currently busy developing a range of feature films, TV movies, and series, proving her enduring dedication to storytelling.


Female Empowerment

Kanner’s passion for female empowerment in filmmaking serves as a guiding principle throughout her creative journey. This commitment extends to every aspect of her work, from casting to crew selection. She strives to amplify women’s voices, ensuring their perspectives are authentically represented both on screen and off.

Through her films, Kanner challenges stereotypes, embraces diversity, and highlights the depth and resilience of female characters. It encompasses a dedication to fostering inclusive and equitable working environments where women have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute their talents to the creative process.